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Ready to go with Tax Return Prep (Our process...)

  • Pull your tax slips together and use the personal tax questionnaire as a guide to ensure you have everything and we have the information that we need  

  • Look below for any additional forms that pertain to your situation (small business, rental properties or home office expenses etc 

  • Gather your items and bring them to our office or you can set up a drop box or email us your information . Contact our office for more details

  • Need a quote or further information we are happy to help! 

Tax Forms 

Forms to Assist us in Preparation of your taxes! Doing in RIGHT!

Personal Tax Questionnaire 

This is our basic tax package & questionnaire.  We require this for all clients each year to ensure that we have up to date information on you & your family  We also want to ensure that we do not miss any deductions or credits.  This form will help act like a check list to ensure you have everything we need to do your taxes right & we don't miss anything that would benefit you.

CRA consent and Authorization form 

This CRA form lets us give and get information from CRA on your behalf and allows us to enter your CRA account for information vital to preparing your returns please download print and fill out the highlighted sections and SIGN this form

Small Business Owners Form 2125

If you have a small business (sole proprietorship) you must complete this form and submit along with your taxes to us.  This will help outline all the income and expenses you have related to your small business.  If you have a Corporation please call the office

Rental Properties forms 776

If you have rental properties you must complete this form for each of your properties.  If you are a first time client please ensure we have a copy of last years return with a complete 776 schedule so we can make sure we pick up all carryforward amounts correctly 

FBAR disclosure Documents

If you are a US citizen with offshore (Canadian or other) Financial investments and Bank accounts this is the form we use to complete your FBAR financial disclosure statement

Home office &/or Automobile Expenses

Did you work from home or have a home office where you worked all or some of the time for your employer? Use this form.

Use a personal automobile for work and deduct related expenses to that?  Again this form is what you are looking for

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