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What we need from you to do your TAXES 

General Information

US Cross Border workers-   Your W2 should be available to you in Mid to Late January.  A reminder to please send that to US right away so we can do your returns early before the rush of Canadian tax season

Please take the time to fill out our tax questionnaire each year... this ensures we have ALL your personal data and that we have all the information to ensure you take advantage of ALL the credits and deductions to LOWER your taxes! 

Due to enhanced CRA security we must have your last year Notice of Assessment to get into YOUR CRA account which helps us get your taxes complete and correct!

Step One  Forms we need

Consent Form

Rentals or A Small Business?

The Purpose of this page is to run you through everything we need from you to do your taxes and to ensure we have complete information from you to do your taxes:

We need the following from you 

  1. Your Tax slips *if you are missing something let us know in writing  

  2.  Notice of Assessment from last year and prior years if you have them (due to CRA's additional security we MUST have your NOA to authorize your account) 

  3. Personal tax questionnaire for each taxpayer (see link below to print or these are in our front office)

  4.  CRA Authorization form (see link below generally needed for new clients only and Greenaway clients) 

  5. Notes on anything we need to know about your taxes

Fill out our Personal Tax Questionaire we ask you to print and complete for each taxpayer filing a return.  This form helps us ensure we have all of your information in one place and makes sure you are providing us with all the information to make sure we capture any and all deductions and credits to reduce your taxes.  Its a one page questionnaire and helps us and you get organized for taxes    

CRA Consent form:  Please Fill in and sign this CRA consent form so we can access your CRA account and act on your behalf with CRA 

Special Situations: If you have a rental property or a Small business please go to our forms page and download print and fill out the appropriate form(s)    

Got Slips?:  Make sure you have all your T-Slips and if you have something we need to know to do your taxes put a written note with your drop off package Please.

Dropping off your Tax Documents

Dropping Off:  You can drop your package off to either of our office locations (the addresses are listed above on this website) 

If you wish to email your information please send all your information in one email 

7thwavefinancialsolutions  (*at*) gmail  (*dot*) com

Some clients set up a google drop box for us to use and send us the link which works fine 

(note for security reasons we do no open zip files nor do we take data sticks from clients)

Final Notes 

Final Notes:  Please keep in mind the timeframe to complete your returns depends on the volume of returns in our office we do our best to get your return done quickly however dropping off early in the tax season (March) typically gets your returns done quicker and prevents us being crunched at the end of April before the deadline of 30 April 

Please be patient with my staff we are all working hard (and literally day and night to get your returns done and done accurately we do our absolute best for clients and value your business! 

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