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 7th Wave Solutions Ltd.
About OUR Roots...

Not Just Tax Preparation... Tax Solutions 

7th Wave Ltd. is related to a family company that is over 50 years old & originally founded by my Father Rob D. Lovell Sr. around 1971 providing Financial Planning & Solutions to a family of clients. 

Upon graduating from University of Windsor,  I started working with my Dad & fairly quickly I started my own business doing tax returns for his clients.   We quickly realized the value of concerting the tax returns & shelters to provide proper tax planning for our clients thus giving clients a more holistic solution for their tax and financial needs.


- & hence...

7th Wave Tax & Financial Solutions Limited  

Back then & today we not only provide quality tax preparation and advice but we also help clients with tax planning and solutions to lower their taxes

I started this business in 1996, & we continue to work closely with clients to meet their tax filing obligations and to assist them through a variety of tax issues, offering pragmatic advice & assistance to lower their taxes and ensure compliance here in Canada and when needed in the United States as well


We work hard to educate our clients and help them understand their taxes and assist them in developing strategic tax plans to pay less tax and save more money for their retirement and other goals.

We look forward to serving our clients today & for many years in the future with the same personal attention and service we have delivered for over 50 years now...


We can Help I welcome your call...

Robb Lovell MBA 

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