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Former Clients of Kelly Ireland 

If you recently received a mailing from Kelly referring you to our Tax Service we are happy to help you with your tax needs for the upcoming 2023 Tax Season in 2024

Please ensure you get those papers to us so we can move your file over from Kelly to our office... 

You can email the form to the email address on the letter (if you need our email call us at


You can email those documents 

You can snail mail the documents (address on contact page) 

You can drop them by the office      

Our main office is in Amherstburg Ontario  we are there in the offseason from

Mon to Thursday 9am to 5pm

Our Tecumseh is open and Staffed

Tuesdays & Thursdays Only from 10am to 4pm

(office hours expand during tax time but this is our offseason) 

Both offices have drop boxes to drop those papers off anytime 24 hours a day  

(note Tecumseh has a mailslot in the front door at the bottom  and Amherstburg has a black drop box by the side door) 

We share both these offices with other reputable businesses who will direct you to our incoming basket to drop off your documents. 

(If you have questions they will direct you to call our office 519-727-7777)

What's the Cost? 

Basic Personal returns start at $95 and up depending on the number of slips and the complexity of your returns 

What if I need a quote for Cost? 

You can send in your papers at tax time and put a note on top asking Robb to give you a quote and we will call you with a quote

Where can I pick up and drop off my return?

We accept pick up and drop offs at either the Tecumseh or Amherstburg Location 

I lost those forms where can I get a replacement 

No problem go to the link below and print the CRA consents and let us know you need your file transferred from Kelly and we can go from there 

What if I have questions?


You can call the office... we are happy to help you 519-727-7777  

Keep in mind its better to call us now then at tax time when we are very busy! 

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